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Vision Building Group We were referred to Vision Building Group when our previous contractor left us in a unlivable environment exposed to harsh elements. Vision saw the urgency and came to our rescue. Their experience, knowledge and engineering enabled the project to be completed accurately with all city approvals in a timely manner. Their professionalism and respect for their clients is greatly appreciated. We are very happy with the finished product. It has been 2 years since the addition was completed. We look forward to working with this group in the future.Read More

Mario did a complete renovation on my home. The project was on time, and within my budget. He is professional, knowledgeable, and has an amazing team of contractors working with him. I highly recommend Vision Building Group. Lisa P.Read More

The construction was to provide renovations to expand and redesign a kitchen, taking out a dining room and reconstructing a living room. This renovation required extensive structural work and structural reinforcement. Vision Building Group provided skilled trades throughout the project and expert workmanship. The renovation was completed seamlessly with 100% satisfaction.Read More

One of the best attributes I can give VBG is, professionalism and details on every aspect of the project. It was the attention to materials, budgets and design that truly made my home a success. As an investment in quality and safety for now and in the future, I have full confidence with Vision.Read More

Mario and Vision Building Group did a great job on my custom home rebuild. Mario was the GC and was involved in every facet of the build. He really cares about the quality of end result, and not only how things look on the outside, but what's behind the walls. He was hands on when he needed to be, and his trades were top notch. I highly recommend using Vision for any work - renovation or new construction.Read More